Mar 01, Kathmandu- Almost all the actors in the Nepali film industry have been giving their views on Famous Nepali actor Paul Shah, who was accused of rape.

Various artists are in the process of posting their opinion through social media. Among them, actress Rekha Thapa has revealed that she is in favor of reviewing Samikshya Adhikari by posting a short status on the social networking site, Facebook today.

Rekha argues that since females under the age of 20 are girls, they should get all kinds of protection and guardianship. “The role of society is to protect them. Who are they in love with? How many times have they had sexual intercourse? The law should not make sense of such ethical things”, She wrote.

Similarly, another actress Reecha Sharma has also made her opinion social today. “Having physical relations with an 18-year-old girl is rape”, Richa wrote on social networking site Facebook, “If somebody keeps physical relation with an under-aged, Its a rape. Even if she was said to say so the law does not allow exemptions.

Examining the opinion, she also seems to be on the side of the singer Adhikari.



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